48 quick steps for House construction

house construction

House Construction– The method of building a house. Homebuilding is everyone desire.
To build dream home 48 quick steps are discussed.

 48 quick steps for Independent House construction

house construction
house construction
  1. Buying a Land or Plot for building a house
  2. Designing to build dream home  or house design as per building codes
  3. Estimation of quantities & Cost to building a house.
  4. Taking Permission from Authorities.
  5. Approaching a home builder or home contractors for house construction.
  6. Site Development or site soil levelling.
  7. Tracing of foundations by accompanying foundation drawings & Soil excavation
  8. For footings, Plain cement concreting PCC  & concreting of foundations are done.
  9. The casting of Pedestals from foundation level  to Natural ground level),
  10. For pedestals and footings treatment of termite is done.
  11. Excavation for laying of CRS wall to support plinth beams.
  12. CRS wall laying up to the bottom height of plinth beams
  13. Backfilling of soil is done up to the top of CRS.
  14. Plinth Beams concreting works.
  15. Concreting of Columns up to slab beams bottom.
  16. Soil backfilling up to 100mm underneath plinth beam.
  17. Backfilled Soil compaction, termites treatment & ground floor Plain cement concrete,PCC work.
  18. Concreting of slab and Staircase is done.
  19. Up to lintel level block  Masonry Work is done followed by curing.
  20. The cast of lintels above windows and Doors is done.
  21. Masonry work over lintel level is done up to concrete slab/beam bottom
  22. Brick masonry of parapet walls is done.
  23. Frames fixing of Doors & Window is done.
  24. MEP works are done utilising electricians plumbers.
  25. The chiselling of brick masonry for electrical conduits fixing is done.
  26. cutting of brick masonry for plumbing pipes in block masonry as per drawings.
  27. External & inside Brick walls plastering works & curing.
  28. outside gate installation, Compound wall plastering works.
  29. Formation of the Underground storage tank.
  30. Installation of manholes, the connection of drain lines and gully traps fixing work.
  31. Outside shared parking & entry areas  soil levelling, soling and PCC work
  32. Waterproofing of terrace, pond test & protection screed concreting works.
  33. electrification wiring & placing of main cable works.
  34. Kitchen staging fitting works.
  35. Waterproofing in bathrooms, pond test & protection screed concreting works.
  36. Bathroom, Internal flooring marbles, tile or granite works.
  37. Installation of window and door shutters.
  38. Parking tiles laying in entrance areas, the connection of ramp to the external road.
  39.  Interior works like a false ceiling works etc
  40. Carpentry or wooden works
  41. Fitting of CP  & Sanitary fixtures work.
  42. Switches, sockets, Current meter, Electrical lighting fixing works.
  43. Overhead tank, submersible pump installation in the underground storage tank.
  44. SS or MS railing works for the staircase.
  45. External, internal painting works.
  46.  Getting the government electrical source & water source to the house.
  47. Fixing of air conditioning (AC’s) if required.
  48. Final review & House warming ☺

Five phases of constructing a new house.

The following are the five phases of construction.

  1. Initiate-PreConstruction
  2. Plan-During construction
  3. Construct-During construction
  4. Monitor and control-During construction
  5. Close-Post construction
house building
house building

Process of building a house.

The process of building a house involves three steps.
  • Pre-construction steps
  • During construction steps
  • Post-construction steps

Pre-Construction steps for house construction

From the earlier 48 fast steps,1 to 5 comes under Pre-Construction steps to build dream home.

1. Buying land or plot.

Require to purchase land or plot for modern home construction.

While selecting a plot, proper responsibility to be practised by following the essential factors for the plot choice for building a house.
Rectangle and Square plots are most suitable for construction.

2. Planning to build dream home as per building codes

Creating the home consists of designs with floor plans, site locations
walls and roof specifications. Licensed architects produce these designs.

Structural drawings include shuttering & reinforcement details.

Licensed structural engineer produces structural drawings.

3. Quantity calculation & learning the expense of building a house.

Building a house requires a huge quantity of material and budget.

Material quantities & complete expense of construction requires to be determined.
Building estimator or construction cost estimator will produce the expense of building house details.
If gathering money is shorter than estimated costs, require to go for the house loan.

4. Getting Permission from Governments.

Require to take permissions from the municipal body before commencing soil excavations. The following are the listing of documents required before applying for permissions.

a. Land survey statements,
b.soil test records and procured land documents,
c.Architectural designs with architect certification,
d.structural designs with structural engineer certification,
e. Obtaining Undertaking certificate of civil engineer for construction.

5. Requesting a house contractor or general constructor to build dream home.

A house builder or constructor will build the house.
Proper attention to be practised while choosing a constructor or builder to build dream home.

During-construction steps for house construction:

From the earlier 48 fast steps,6 to 38 comes below During-Construction steps to build dream home.
When construction work involves the procurement of materials, the accomplishment of works like base works and superstructure slab, brick masonry, plastering etc works as discussed above & monitoring of the site.

Post-construction steps for house construction

house construction-interiors
house construction-interiors
From the earlier 48 fast steps,39 to 48 comes below Post-Construction steps to build dream home.
When post-construction tasks include superstructure completing works and controlling the site.


From the above 48 steps, one can get a basic idea and steps involved in constructing a new independent house or new house construction.
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