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8 Compressive strength of concrete enhance tips

8 Compressive strength of concrete enhance tips you need to know. Compressive strength of concrete is one of the most crucial property in RCC structures. It defines its ability to …


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water seepage

4 Top problems of Water Seepage in soils

Water seepage is the movement of groundwater through the soil under a hydraulic gradient when there is a difference in the hydraulic head at the two points. 4 Top problems …

Permeability of soil|2 methods of tests

2 shallow foundations | Settlements

Project Management

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Resource allocation|Project management

Resource allocation in project management is deciding the resources for each activity. The project cost is the sum of indirect and direct costs. Methods to achieve Resource Allocation A physical …

Critical path method|12 technical terms

Gantt Chart | Project management

Building materials

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timber-bamboo tree

Timber:Top 5 defects,preservation method

batch mixer batching plant

2 Batch mixer types|Batching plant

prestressed concrete-steel cables

Prestressed Concrete|2 methods

corrosive metal

6 Corrosive metals | Corrosion of steel

Concrete compressive strength

Concrete compressive strength:7,28 days

concrete mix design-transport vehicle

5 best methods of Concrete mix design

Building Estimation

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brickwork rate analysis

Brickwork rate analysis|3 materials

retaining wall-section

Retaining wall | Cost estimation 3 steps

rcc column plan

RCC column cost estimation in 6 steps

double room plan

Double room building estimation|6 steps

masonry platform plan

Masonry platform cost estimation:7 steps

single room plan

Single room |5 Building estimation items