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civil engineering software

The Ultimate guide line to 10 new civil engineering software

The use of civil engineering software programs has become an integral part of civil engineering, and there are various software applications available that can help civil engineers in their work. …

Vastu Shastra for home|4

Commercial building

Commercial building construction|15 steps

fall protection systems

2 Fall protection systems|Managing hazard

scaffolding for house construction

Scaffolding|18 erection,dismantle points


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water seepage

4 Top problems of Water Seepage in soils

Water seepage is the movement of groundwater through the soil under a hydraulic gradient when there is a difference in the hydraulic head at the two points. 4 Top problems …

Permeability of soil|2 methods of tests

2 shallow foundations | Settlements

Project Management

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Resource allocation|Project management

Resource allocation in project management is deciding the resources for each activity. The project cost is the sum of indirect and direct costs. Methods to achieve Resource Allocation A physical …

Pert project management:3 time estimates

Critical path method|12 technical terms

Gantt Chart | Project management

Building materials

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timber-bamboo tree

Timber:Top 5 defects,preservation method

batch mixer batching plant

2 Batch mixer types|Batching plant

prestressed concrete-steel cables

Prestressed Concrete|2 methods

corrosive metal
Concrete compressive strength

Concrete compressive strength:7,28 days

concrete mix design-transport vehicle

5 best methods of Concrete mix design