Where is the Location of God’s home, Heaven as per ancient Indian scriptures


God’s home, heaven location was given in ancient Indian scriptures. Where is this location, inside the Solar System or outside ,let us discover.

Super Earth’s location mentioned in Ancient Indian Scriptures are :
1.Planet Heaven(Location of God’s home),
2.Planet of Fore-Fathers (Pitru-Loka),
3.Planet of Progenitors of Mankind (Manu-Loka),
4.Planet of Brahma’s(Brahma-Loka)

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Where is the location of God’s home (Heaven)

Part 1 : Where is God’s home location (Planet Heaven) in the universe??
What is distance of Planet Heaven from Sun and Earth in Km?? Let’s discover…………..

Where is Planet heaven, is inside or outside of our solar system?? Let us understand with simple mathematical calculations using Kepler’s law.

Days and years of Planet Heaven

In all religions Holy Books it was discussed and believed that Heaven exists, but none of the Holy book tells the exact location of Planet Heaven in the Universe except Ancient Indian Scriptures.

As per Ancient Indian Scriptures, the place where Humans live is called Bhuloka (Planet Earth)
The place where God’s live is called Svarloka (Planet Heaven)

Let’s understand days and years of Planet Heaven

1 year for Humans on Planet Earth= 365.256 days,
Similarly, as per ancient Indian scriptutes, 1 year for God’s= 360 Human years =360 x365.256=131492.16 Days. …………..Equation -1

As Humans years are related to Earth’s revolution around Sun and God’s years are related to Humans years.

So the God’s home, planet where God’s live (i.e Planet Heaven) should also revolve around the Sun.

Understanding Relation of God’s years with Human years with an example

The above relation of Humans years and God’s years can be understood by taking an example of wall clock.

If we observe wall clock, we can find seconds hand, minutes hand and hours hand. All this hands are inter linked with each other..

Minutes hand and hours hand are inter linked to seconds hand. First Seconds hand move, then Minutes hand and Hours hand will move.

On a 12hours clock, 1 revolution of seconds hand is 1 minute. (Starting from 12 and reaching 12)

1 revolution of minutes hand (Starting from 12 and reaching 12) is 1 hour.

1 revolution of hours hand (Starting from 12 and reaching 12) is 12 hours.

So if we consider Seconds hand as Planet Earth and Minutes hand with Heaven, when planet earth revolves 360 years around the center of clock,It will become 1 years for people of God’s on Heaven. (Note- Here Center of clock is Sun as Earth revolves around the Sun in day to day life.)

Calculating Distance of Planet Earth from Sun using Kepler’s Law

As per Kepler’s law,Log(D)=3/2 log(k)-0.7,where D is the No. of days for a planet to revolve around the Sun and k is millions km distance

For Planet Earth ,D=365.256 days.

So distance of Earth from Sun : log (365.256) =3/2 log(k)-0.7
log(365.256) + 0.7 = 3/2 log(k),
log(k) = 2/3(2.562597+0.7)=2.175065,where log(365.256)=2.562597
So k =149.645

So distance of Planet Earth (Location of Human’s home) from Sun is 149.645 Millions Kms

Average distance of Planets in Solar system

As per present Science, the following are the average distance of planets in solar system from Sun in million kms.

S. noName of Planets in Solar systemAvg distance in Million km from Sun
Average distance of planets from Sun in Million kms

So with the help of Ancient Indian Scriptures and by using Kepler’s laws of planetary motion, using the formula ,Log(D)=3/2 log(k)-0.7,we can discover location of Planet Heaven in the Universe.
where D is the No. of days for a planet to revolve around the Sun and k is millions km distance.

Calculation of God’s home, Heaven using Kepler’s Law

As per Equation-1, Planet Heaven takes 131492.16 Days to revolve around the Sun.


So distance of Heaven from Sun : log (131492.16) =3/2 log(k)-0.7
log(131492.16) + 0.7 = 3/2 log(k),
log(k) = 2/3(5.1189+0.7)=3.879267,where log(131492.16)=5.1189
So k =7572.983

So average distance of Heaven from Sun is 7572.983 millions km.——-Equation-2

Distance of God’s home,Heaven from Sun and Planet Earth

What is the distance of Planet Heaven from Sun and from our Planet Earth??
Let us Calculate…..

As per my theoretical calculations with the help of Ancient Indian scriptures and by using Kepler laws,
Planet Heaven is at an average distance of 7572.983 millions km from Sun and
Planet Heaven is at the average distance of  7423.338 millions Km from our Planet Earth.


As per present Science, Planet Pluto is 5900 millions Kms from Sun,
So from ,from above equation 2,we can understand God’s home, that is Planet Heaven is outside Solar System, even beyond Pluto and at a distance of 1672.983 million Kms from Pluto and 7423.338 Million Kms from our Planet Earth.

Note: This calculations are done on the basis of Ancient Indian scriptures.

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